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As a leader you identify a requirement to improve effective communication among your workforce. How do you meet this requirement? Maybe you re-align your organizational structure and streamline your information management process. Meanwhile, you provide workforce training to introduce the new processes and targets effective communication. At the end of the day and after many resources have been exhausted, YOU EXPECT to see improvement in communications.   

Maybe - But what if the majority of your employees struggle with the fundamental competencies required to effectively communicate such as assertiveness, self-expression, impulse control, or reality testing? How can you expect your employees to build upon the fundamentals if the fundamentals are lacking? It's like putting your socks on over your shoes; your shoes just won't function effectively. Far too many organizational and leadership development companies either fail to integrate EI as part of the collective model for change or attempt to use EI as an "add-on" technique. This approach is backwards, and it just won't work. EI is the foundation to build complex behaviors and support process improvement initiatives like functional leadership. EI training must be integrated at the onset of professional development in order to accurately balance EI competencies and effectively develop performance outcomes that help develop a resilient workforce. ​​