Talent Acquisition Planning

  • Invite VIVANT to conduct a strategic assessment of your organization's talent acquisition process.
  • Let's work together to develop and implement a talent acquisition process that incorporates the value of an emotionally intelligent workforce - because an emotionally intelligent workforce is the driving influence behind a resilient organization. 

" A resilient organization has strategically identified the value of an Emotionally Intelligent workforce and has interjected this philosophy into every level of their structure. " - Dr. Sarah Spradlin, DBA

The fundamental nature of leadership can be described as the ability to utilize cognitive and emotional intellect to influence others to willingly contribute to the success of organizational goals. Therefore, the job applicants you select today must have the potential to become the organizational leaders of tomorrow. Hiring, promoting, and retaining an emotionally intelligent workforce is a critical element in establishing organizational resilience. Organizational leaders, Human Resource personnel, and recruitment panels must be trained to evaluate EI competencies to ensure the right people are in the right place for the right reasons.