Sarah Spradlin, DBA

Founder & CEO at Vitruvian Advantage, LLC

Located in Central VA, Vitruvian Advantage, LLC

is owned and operated by Dr. Sarah Spradlin. 

After nearly 10 years as an active duty Marine Corps officer, Dr. Spradlin transitioned to serve as the first female principal staff director at United States Marine Corps Forces, Special Operations Command, Marine Special Operations School. She is a leading expert in the field of emotional intelligence as it relates to talent acquisition planning, competency based workforce development, and transformational leadership. With more than 15 years of professional training and executive coaching experience in leadership development, team building, strategic communication, and workforce planning. Dr. Spradlin is passionate about the positive influence of EI on individual and organizational resilience. 

Change is the greatest challenge organizations face in today's global and dynamic market. Establishing resilience to change is critical to maintaining the competitive advantage. At Vitruvian Advantage, we recognize that an emotionally intelligent workforce builds the foundation to establish organizational resilience. 

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OUR MISSION: Deliver functional workforce solutions that empower our clients with the capabilities to efficiently and effectively identify, assess, and manage dynamic situations that produce optimal results.

  • Knowledge Power
  • Emergent Culture
  • Dynamic Communication​
  • Innovative Differentiation