EI3 Method


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We develop a comprehensive training plan to bring resilience within your organization to the next level. 

EI3 Method

Vitruvian advantage

Competency Based Workforce Development Solutions


"Change is the greatest challenge organizations face in today's global and dynamic market. Establishing resilience to change is critical to maintaining the competitive advantage. At Vitruvian Advantage, we recognize that an emotionally intelligent workforce builds a foundation to establish organizational resilience" - Dr. Sarah Spradlin, DBA



The EQuinox Effect

CEO Professional Affiliations and Certifications



Identify resiliency gaps in terms of workforce emotional intelligence, talent acquisition, and transformational leadership in order to establish resilience and maximize efficiency of resource allocation.

VIVANT monitors 3 Key performance indicators in a 6 and 12 month resiliency review and identify additional training requirements. vitruvian advantage emotional intelligence training. organizational development

Once we have executive buy-in, we oversee the training and development process from start to finish to establish organizational resilience. vitruvian advantage emotional intelligence training talent acquisition planning. Establish Organizational Resilience Through Emotional Intelligence. Vitruvian